AB Initio Tester Cover Letter

Here is the AB Initio Tester Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Louise Brown,

I am applying for the AB Initio Tester position with Innovative Systems Group and my credentials match the requirements listed in your advertisement.

I have included my resume with a complete look at my educational background, work history and skills but here is a brief description of what I have to offer your company. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and over three years of experience working with ETL testing. My experience also includes developing ETL processes.

I possess extensive knowledge of SQL, UNIX, DB2 and SDLC that includes test plan and test case preparation. I also have HP Quality Center testing experience. I have excellent communication skills with the ability to convey information between colleagues and to customers.

I also possess outstanding customer service skills with the ability to answer any questions or address any concerns they may have in a friendly but professional manner. I work well as part of a team and I have the ability to motivate others to push in order to meet tight deadlines. I also have the ability to work independently with little or no supervision. I am dependable and get the job done in a timely but efficient manner.

I am detailed oriented with the ability to stay focused and concentrate on the job at hand even when nearing tight deadlines. I also have very strong work ethics and I am confident that I am the best applicant for this position. I hope to be hearing from you soon to talk about this job in more detail.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


Your Signature

Tami Ball

Enclosure: Resume