AC Technician Cover Letter

Here is the AC Technician Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Shirley Gilbert,

Your position advertised for an Air Conditioning Technician struck my attention as I believe my skills and qualifications will make me stand out from the large pool of applications you are sure to receive. With many years of experience working as an AC Technician at Edwards World in addition to having specialized training in HVAC from one of the top schools with Air Conditioning Maintenance Degree Programs, the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology out of Boston, Massachusetts, I feel my expertise and abilities would make me a very strong asset to your team.

Not only do I have an in-depth knowledge of cooling systems, but I have a strong capability to work on small engines and the willingness to lend an extra hand in whatever it takes to make the company a successful one. A positive attitude can go a long way in encouraging all team members to take their job seriously and perform at their best.

Upon reviewing my resume, you will see that I have a wide variety of experience in handling many of the responsibilities that the position you are offering entails. I especially enjoy taking a challenge head on and resolving the issue quickly and efficiently.

I strongly believe that you will find my education, training and experience to be an ideal fit for the position of AC Technician, and would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my background further. Please feel free to contact me anytime at (012)-345-6789. I look forward to your call.


Your Signature

Irene Galante

Enclosure: Resume