Academic Administrator Cover Letter

Here is the Academic Administrator Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Hall,

I write in response to your advertisement seeking an Experienced Academic Administrator for the Carson City School District, and have enclosed my credentials as requested.

Though I have 10 years’ experience in Academic Administration, most recently, I have been working as an Academic Administrator at the University of Nevada.

Originally, I began as a teacher in Orange County, CA; and ended up moving into administration after three years. Since that time, I have worked in three different schools, ranging in size from 30 students to 2,000, in both public and private sectors.

Throughout my career, I have continued my education and passion for learning, earning my Master’s degree, then PhD in Education over the past six years. I seek to bring my extensive education experience and my passion for lifelong learning and education at all levels, for all students to the Carson City District.

This said, I look forward to telling you how the Carson City District would benefit from my background, and the types of successful programs that I hope to bring to your district. Please call me at (012)-345-6789 or email me at [] to set up a time to discuss this. Thanks so much for your time and convenience.



Patricia Broome

Encl: Resume