Academic Coordinator Cover Letter

Here is the Academic Coordinator Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Dorothy Showalter,

I am applying for the Academic Coordinator position with NC State University and my credentials match the requirements listed in your posting perfectly.

I have a bachelor’s degree in education and I am currently working towards my master’s degree. I have the ability to assist with campus preparations and to conduct academic training sessions. I have the training and knowledge to provide constructive feedback to the instructional staff and to hold meetings to help the staff find ways to deal with the discipline and academic problems they encounter.

I possess very strong leadership skills and I have three years of experience working in a supervisory position. I have the ability to lead the administrative team and to find solutions to any problems that arise. I have the skills to maintain a well-organized work place that make it possible to meet the schools objectives.

I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with the staff, management and clients in a pleasant but professional manner. I also have the ability to act as liaison between the staff, instructors, on-site directors and other professionals on the administrative team.

I am self-motivated and I have the ability to help encourage staff members to perform their duties as efficiently as possible and to ensure they have what they need to get the job done. I have a flexible schedule with the ability to hold evening study sessions and to work weekends when necessary.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789 and I hope to meet with you soon to discuss this position in more detail.


Your Signature

Shaun Dennison

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