Account Representative Cover Letter

Here is the Account Representative Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Meadows,

In response to the account representative position being advertised, I’m writing this letter to express my interest in the position. I would like to provide you with an overall view of my qualifications that reflect how I could be a great asset to Canon Business Solutions.

To sum up the contributions I can bring to Canon Business Solutions I have the following skills and experience.

5 years experience working directly with customer accounts, handling request and billing issues including collecting delinquent payments.My excellent communication skills allow me to increase revenue by drawing in new accounts and maintaining a good relationship with existing ones.Identifying and taking advantage of opportunities for growth within the organization is another skill that I’ve acquired throughout my years of working as an account representative.

I believe my experience and skills along with my bachelor’s degree acquired from University of Chicago and a strong desire to produce results would be an advantage that could be appreciated by your company.

I’m confident that a meeting would be in both our interest and I would greatly appreciate the chance to go over the rest of my qualifications and discuss the contributions I can make to Canon Business Solutions. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789, or via email at []


Matthew Rosenthal

Matthew Rosenthal

Resume Attached as MS Word Document