Accounts Administrator Cover Letter

Here is the Accounts Administrator Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Gardner,

Your recent position opening sounds like the perfect fit for my career qualifications. I have the experience, education, and skills you need to make this position of Accounts Administrator a success. I have included my resume for your convenience.

At present, I am an Accounts Administrator for Corporate Executive Board and have held this position for the past four years. This position has required strict attention to the key accountabilities of handling accounts receivable/payable, payroll accounts, report analysis, company and client auditing, and constant communication with staff, supervisors, and vendors. This has required an intense ability to communicate well with others, manage multiple tasks at once seamlessly, and maintain the organization of many complex systems and accounts. I have done so with success. I also have a degree in Financial Reporting, acquired in 1994 from Thomas Aquinas College.

Please give me a call at your convenience at (012)-345-6789. I would very much like to speak with you further regarding this opportunity. Could we schedule an interview? Thanks so much for your time and consideration.


Vera Goetz

Vera Goetz

Resume Attached as MS Word Document