Accounts Payable Supervisor Cover Letter

Here is the Accounts Payable Supervisor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Beard,

Your opening as advertised in New York Times for an Accounts Payable Supervisor would suit me perfectly; as I have exactly the set of skills and experience you are seeking in a candidate. For this reason, I ask that you please acknowledge this letter of intent and enclosed resume.

At present, I am employed as Accounts Payable Supervisor for Enterprise Products Company, and have been in charge of over three employees and millions of dollars annually of accounts payable accounts. This is not a responsibility I have taken lightly or with error. I am thus very knowledgeable on all the latest software and programs, and work diligently with staff to oversee the successful payment of all accounts payable to keep the company running efficiently and with professionalism. As a bonus to my seven years in this role, I also have a degree in Accounting from Tougaloo College, and another four years as an Accounts Payable Associate. I am a great communicator, troubleshooter, and lead by example.

If you agree that my background meets the requirements of this position, please give me a call at (012)-345-6789 as soon as possible. Thanks so much.


Your Signature

Larry Harris

Enclosure: Resume