Acupuncturist Cover Letter

Here is the Acupuncturist Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Ball,

I am applying with this cover for the named position on of Acupuncturist. I have the experience and skills you are looking for in a licensed Acupuncturist, and have included my resume for your convenience.

For the past seven years, I have been licensed and working as a holistic Acupuncturist at Exempla Healthcare with a number of hands on responsibilities to include: ongoing industry research, diagnosis of symptoms, analyzing and detecting client conditions and needs, and assessing factors that may be contributing to a patient’s condition. I am very knowledgeable in how to apply needle therapy to bring relief for various conditions, and am aware of the various levels of sensation. I am a great communicator, bring ease in all my patients, and know my discipline extremely well.

I am confident that you will find my experience and skills a great match for your spoliation, and ask that you please give me a call at (012)-345-6789 to schedule an appointment to learn more. Thank you so very much for your time and consideration.



Wayne Daniels

Encl: Resume