Adjunct Lecturer Cover Letter

Here is the Adjunct Lecturer Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Boucher,

I’m writing to express my interest in the position of adjunct lecturer. I’m confident that I have the teaching and instructing skills needed to fill this position and be a great addition to North Carolina State University.

A summary of my work history will show how I can be an asset to North Carolina State University, I have:

6 years of experience as a dedicated teacher which has taught me how to be creative.The ability to construct informative and educational lectures and to conduct seminars effectively.Experience directing events with expert speakers, organizing assemblies and arranging for guest speakers to be present at these events when it’s beneficial to the class.The skills needed to build strong relationships with team members and provide support to help organization meet goals.Experience working with multi-media and other computer software programs that enhance the classroom experience.

I’m fluent in three languages and strive to provide solid results that will meet the desired outcome of organization. My excellent communication skills and ability to create a positive atmosphere enables me to take over a class and teach with great success benefiting both students and North Carolina State University.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet in person so we could discuss my qualifications and experience to determine what contributions I can make if considered for the position at North Carolina State University. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at (012)-345-6789, or email me at []


Your Signature

Shirley Lafleur

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