Aerospace Cover Letter

Here is the Aerospace Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Linda Tuttle,

I am searching for an entry-level position that focuses on the scientific aspect of designing equipment used in the Aerospace industry.

I have a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Athens Technical College and plan to continue my education to earn my master’s degree. My experience includes working in a lab conducting experiments and using computer-aided design software to help create new designs and equipment for aircrafts.

I have very strong research abilities and the knowledge and skills to apply the principles of science and modern technology together to create components to use in new aerospace designs. I also have very strong communication and interpersonal skills needed to convey information in a way that anyone with or without technical knowledge can understand.

I am self-motivated with the ability to stay focused and meet tight deadlines with accuracy when working alone but my excellent people skills makes it possible for me to be an active and useful part of any team. My abilities include providing support for the rest of the team and helping to keep all projects organized and on schedule.

I have extensive knowledge of computers and the ability to conduct research to collect information needed in the design and development of atmospheric systems. My personal abilities also include excellent communication and time management skills along with a profound knowledge of math and science. I am fully prepared and excited to acquire a position that focuses on the science associated with aerospace and I am confident that my skills and experience will help me go far in this industry.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange for an interview.


Veronica Loo

Veronica Loo

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