AG Loan Officer Cover Letter

Here is the AG Loan Officer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Amanda Foltz,

I am applying for the position of AG Loan Officer at First International Bank & Trust.

I have acquired a bachelor’s degree in finance and over three years of banking experience. I also have extensive knowledge of agriculture such as which crops grow the best in this area. I completed an internship to gain hands-on experience as an agriculture loan officer. I understand the importance of encouraging growth and I would like to put my expertise to work for your company.

I have excellent verbal skills with the ability to communicate with clients and to gather all of the information needed before making any loan decision. I can answer questions and provide information concerning the type of credit options and agricultural loans offered, so they can determine which type of loan would suit their needs the best.

I have excellent clerical skills and I can keep accurate records of all transactions and meetings that take place with clients. I can also keep all loan records updated and filed correctly. I have the knowledge to make good, sound judgment calls based on the applicant’s credit, financial status and property evaluations.

I have the ability to follow all of the rules and regulations of your company and to maintain confidentiality at all times. I know how to let applicants that do not qualify for a loan down easy and I believe in providing friendly, professional customer service.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789 and I am very excited about meeting with you in person to discuss this position.



Billy Mccormick

Encl: Resume