Agribusiness Cover Letter

Here is the Agribusiness Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Danielle Buford,

I am a highly motivated individual with a real desire to make a difference looking for a permanent position in the Agribusiness industry.

My educational background leading to this career consists of studies that focused on agricultural marketing, farm and ranch management, accounting, price analysis and finance. They also included classes in production agriculture, agribusiness management and quantitative analysis tools. I earned my master’s degree in agricultural economics at Utah State University and I have the skills and training needed to manage a company that deals with processing, marketing and selling merchandise to consumers.

I have acquired the ability and knowledge pertaining to the economic principles and business concepts relating to Agribusiness needed to make good, productive business decisions. I work well as part of a team, have strong communication skills with the ability to write detailed reports and the ability to give moving presentations aimed at getting results.

Some of my other skills relevant to holding a position in this industry include the ability to manage my time wisely and to multitask to keep operations on schedule. They also include good leadership skills and the ability to work with suppliers and other professionals in the agricultural industry.

I am familiar with the diffident environmental issues associated with this profession and have the ability to stay updated on all the latest news, discoveries and technology concerning the profession. I enjoy a challenge, thrive under pressure and my training and skills qualify me for a variety of positions in this field.

If you would like to know more about my qualifications, you can reach me to arrange a meeting by calling (012)-345-6789.


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Trina Jennings

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