Agriculture Cover Letter

Here is the Agriculture Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Joy Franklin,

Highly motivated individual seeking employment in the Agriculture industry where I can put my skills and training to good use by helping to solve some of the problems the world faces today.

I have a real desire to learn more about wildlife and a concern for the health and well-being of the different species located all over the globe. The animals and plants play a major role in our future. It is my hope to help find ways for humans and wildlife to exist together without major consequences by reducing the impact humans have on the animals as our habitats and technology continues to grow.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in wildlife management from California State University and completed an internship to gain hands-on experience in this profession. My training focused on conservation, environmental management and wildlife ecology and management.

I have the ability to conduct research to identify problems associated with the fisheries and wildlife and to find suitable solutions for these problems. My abilities include excellent verbal and written skills that help me to convey the need for concern and to explain why changes are needed to protect our future. I also have the ability to compile reports that show the results of my research, along with possible solutions that can help solve some of these problems.

Other skills that make me suitable for a position in this industry includes having lots of patience along with excellent time management and multitasking skills and a real desire to make a difference.

Please call (012)-345-6789 if you have a position available.



William Mitchell

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