Agriculturist Cover Letter

Here is the Agriculturist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Minnie Walters,

When I saw the ad with Ocean Mist Farms for an Agriculturist, I recognized it right away as being a great opportunity for me.

Having grown up on a farm, where helping with the crops and livestock was a daily routine, I was destined to choose this as my profession. I have put many years into learning everything possible about farming from tilling the ground to the production and harvesting of a variety of crops.

My background makes it easy for me to talk to and build relationships with farmers because I do have a great understanding of what it means to cultivate land, raise crops and care for livestock. It makes it easier for others to accept the scientific side farming when it is coming from someone who has personally walked in their shoes.

I have over five years of experience holding this position in which I preformed the following duties:

Traveled wherever the job required in a moment’s noticeGave advice to growers that specifically apply to their situationRecorded and documented findingsMade recommendations in a clear and concise wayListened to and asked questions to clarify the exact problems in order to find the best solution

I have excellent management skills that allow me to assign workstations based on employee’s particular skills and to motivate others to work together in a team setting. I stay current with all the latest information, trends, products, etc. and have the ability to apply this knowledge to both short and long-range business forecasts.

You can reach me at (012)-345-6789 and I am always available.



Thomas Kyler

Encl: Resume