Air Force Staff Sergeant Cover Letter

Here is the Air Force Staff Sergeant Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I write with much interest in joining your squadron of the U.S. Air Force as an Air Force Staff Sergeant. My commanding officer in Air Defense recommended I contact you for this esteemed position, and I have included a list of my military accomplishments thus far.

Briefly, I have over six years in working Human Resources for the Air Force, and thus, know how to arrange and organize staff for various training, exercise, combat initiatives, and other military projects. I have worked these last six years as a part of the Air Operations in this department, and have seen only success, as my supervisors will attest. I have recently relisted with the Air Force, as I want to expand upon the service I can offer my country through being a part of the Air Force. I am highly organized, committed to my country, and work well as a supervising Sergeant.

I would love the opportunity to interview with you for this highly esteemed position. Please call me at (012)-345-6789 at your convenience.



Kevin Judd

Encl: Resume