Air Quality Engineer Cover Letter

Here is the Air Quality Engineer Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Mcgrath,

I write in response to your post on your website seeking a capable and well trained Air Quality Engineer, and have included a copy of my resume for your consideration.

Your reputation as a company for stellar research studies and air quality improvement products certainly precedes you, and this is why I apply today. I have a degree in Air Quality Engineering from University of Illinois which I obtained over seven years ago, and since that time, I have held the position of Air Quality Engineer at Tetra Tech. As a part of this position’s requirements, I devise, create, and implement new programs, products, and systems to help produce cleaner air quality and optimize previous systems and products that were producing toxic emissions. I have a technical mind, am through, and am committed to this field.

I am more than looking forward to hearing from you, and ask that you call me at (012)-345-6789 at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much for your time.


Your Signature

Karen Helvey

Enclosure: Resume