Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor Cover Letter

Here is the Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Spires,

I have the six years of experience you require in an Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor, as well as three years as an Aircraft Agent prior to this. I am highly enthusiastic about this position, and ask that you review my enclosed resume today.

I know I could take the lead of your Aircraft Cargo Handling Department at Black Tickle Airport, as I have been responsible for the same duties as listed in your advertisement. I also have been in charge of over 35 agents for the successful and timely handling of all passenger cargo. I am responsible for honing, training, and evaluating these employees; as well as firing when the situation requires it. I am a great supervisor, love my job, and would love to bring my high standards to your airport.

I am available for a phone call to discuss this position further, and request that you contact me at (012)-345-6789 at your convenience. Thanks so much for you time.



Luis Gonzalez

Encl: Resume