Ambulance Driver Cover Letter

Here is the Ambulance Driver Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Tonia Holloway,

I am writing in regards to the recently advertised Ambulance Driver vacancy listed for Medics Ambulance Service.

I have worked as a volunteer for a local Ambulance service for almost two years and I believe that this experience makes me a great choice to fill this position. During this time, I have responded to numerous accidents in which I administered first aid to seriously injured patients and prepared them for transport.

I have also responded to several unusual incidents that have given me a real insight into the problems and difficult situations that can and do arise daily. I am a conscientious and very careful driver even when under pressure or in a hectic situation and I have a clean driving record. I have the ability to determine the speed at which to transport based on the patient’s needs and driving conditions to ensure safe passage to the hospital.

I have the ability to help keep patients calm and help them relax even when the situations are critical. I have dealt with violent and irrational patients and I have the ability to restrain such patients to prevent them from causing harm to themselves or others while preparing for transport.

I am physically fit enough to lift those who are unable to move on their own onto a stretcher. I have experience communicating with dispatchers and notifying them of any changes in route due to traffic or any other unforeseen emergency.

I have enclosed my resume with a complete list of my skills and training and I look forward to an interview in which we can discuss the details more thoroughly. I am available anytime at (012)-345-6789.


Jerry Proctor

Jerry Proctor

Resume Attached as MS Word Document