Animal Control Officer Cover Letter

Here is the Animal Control Officer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Nettie Hill,

I am sending in my resume with a list of my skills and training to apply for the Animal Control Officer position at Columbus Consolidated Government.

I volunteered at the local shelter for the past year where I took care of all of the animals. My duties included grooming, cleaning the cages, taking the dogs for walks and making sure all animals had fresh food and water. I also had the opportunity to help educate the public on issues relating to animals and to try to resolve some of the problems surrounding unwanted pets.

I have a valid driver’s license, an excellent driving record and extensive knowledge of the area. However, I do have the ability to read maps and use a GPS system in the event I end up in an area that I am not familiar with.

As of right now, I have a high school diploma but I also have plans to attend college in the near future. I know how to fill out reports and I have a basic knowledge of computers. I am in good physical health and I have the ability to handle all animals in a gentle, humane way.

I have a genuine love and compassion for animals and a desire to help rescue those lost, stranded and abandoned. I seem to have a way with animals that makes it easy for me to connect with and keep them calm, so I can prepare them for transport.

I am flexible enough to work nights and weekends and you can reach me by calling (012)-345-6789. I am always available.


Sonia Woodcock

Sonia Woodcock

Resume Attached as MS Word Document