Animal Shelter Volunteer Cover Letter

Here is the Animal Shelter Volunteer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Mary Frazier,

Due to my love of animals and my desire to help teach others how to care for them properly, I would like to apply as an Animal Shelter Volunteer with Boone Area Humane Society to help your facility care for these animals.

My goal is to become a Veterinarian but in the meantime, while I continue my studies, I want to help in any way that I can. Volunteering with your shelter will give me a chance to help animals in need and it will help me pursue my career by allowing me to have hands on experience working directly with the animals.

I am a hard worker and dedicated to my commitments. I go to classes during the day until noon but I can work evenings, nights and weekends. I am really good with animals and I enjoy caring for them. I do not mind cleaning cages and I enjoy grooming and feeding the animals.

I have a general knowledge of computers and great interpersonal skills, so I can fill any position that would benefit you the most and I am flexible enough to switch jobs when needed.

I can follow directions and work with others to provide the best care for these animals. I would also enjoy escorting possible adoptees to the viewing area, while providing them with information that can help match them to the perfect pet.

I sincerely hope that you will consider my resume for this position. Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange a meeting so we can discuss how I can be a great asset to your shelter in more detail.


Jack Marinez

Jack Marinez

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