Applied Behavior Analyst Cover Letter

Here is the Applied Behavior Analyst Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Frey,

This letter is in response to the Applied Behavior Analyst position that your company has recently posted. I know that my experience in counseling as well as my understanding of behavioral issues would be a huge asset to Frey.

As you will find in my resume, I have over seven years experience in behavioral sciences-with four of these in an analysis role. I have helped hundreds of patients find the causes for their behaviors, and work through to solutions that are customized to their problems. I am a comprehensive researcher and analysis professional, and work well with people at all levels. Moreover, I understand the level of compassion that is required to work in this field.

It would be mutually beneficial is we could meet face to face and discuss this opportunity. Could you call me at (012)-345-6789? Thanks so much for your time and consideration.



Will Hope

Encl: Resume