Applied Behavior Specialist Cover Letter

Here is the Applied Behavior Specialist Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Llewellyn,

I write this letter with interest in your Applied Behavior Specialist position, as I believe my experience in behavior counseling and understanding of behavioral issues make me an excellent candidate. I have included my resume for your review.

The past seven years, I have been employed as an Applied Behavior Specialist at Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis, and have much experience in helping patients identify and analyze their own negative behavior patterns to find new solutions to work on. I have worked with a wide variety of patients, of various conditions, ages, and disabilities. I also spend a good deal of my day on industry research to find new ways of approaching patients and their disorders. I am highly communicative and a great listener.

I know it would benefit us both to arrange for a time to meet. Please schedule an appointment by giving me a call at (012)-345-6789 as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.


Sandra Burdette

Sandra Burdette

Resume Attached as MS Word Document