Apprentice Mechanic Cover Letter

Here is the Apprentice Mechanic Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Cynthia Elliott,

Becoming an Apprentice Mechanic with Firestone Complete Auto Care will help me to get my career started off on the right path and I hope that you will consider me for this position.

I began my training to become a mechanic in high school where I took shop and automotive science. In these classes, I learned to read blueprints and understand manuals along with learning how to do basic repairs. I have basic computer skills and I know how to run diagnostic tests to determine what is causing many of the problems associated with newer vehicles. I also plan to continue my education to stay updated on all the latest technologies.

I have knowledge of all the tools used in shop that includes everything from wrenches to hydraulic equipment. I also have the ability to learn how to use any equipment that I have not used in the past with little training. I learn quickly and welcome the chance to work under other experienced mechanics that I know can help teach me the things that cannot be learned in a classroom.

I am a hard worker that can follow directions without problems. I can clean shop and organize tools to help create a good work environment. I am sure that I can be a great asset to your company and prove to be a valuable member of your team. I will be happy to come in and demonstrate the skills that I have acquired so far.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to set up a meeting where we can discuss this position in more detail.


Steven Mcginnis

Steven Mcginnis

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