Architect Engineer Cover Letter

Here is the Architect Engineer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Jean Collins,

I am writing in regards to the Architect Engineer position that has recently become available within Ved Software Services Inc.

After seeing your posting for this position, I immediately knew I have the qualifications that you are searching for. I have extensive knowledge in the field that I believe makes me the perfect candidate for the job. My knowledge includes but is not limited to a full understanding of designs, blueprints, schematics, engineering components and software.

I understand the techniques, procedures and technical aspects of this profession and I have outstanding planning and problem solving skills. I know how to use computer software and programs proficiently and I have the skills needed to perform system programming, design layouts and so much more.

I also understand and comply by the rules and regulations that apply to architecture and I always follow all safety codes. I have the ability to collect and view data needed to support designs and to apply this information where needed.

I have the ability to communicate efficiently both in writing and verbally, which is vital in making sure a job is done correctly the first time. I also have the ability and the experience needed to supervise and coordinate others throughout a project from the beginning to the end. I work well with others and have never had any complaints about my leadership or my work.

The enclosed resume contains more information that outlines my experience and skills in more detail, which highlights my ability to fill this position. Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange for an interview.



Angelo Brown

Encl: Resume