Architectural Assistant Cover Letter

Here is the Architectural Assistant Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Linda Baker,

In response to the job posting with HOK Group, Inc. for an Architectural Assistant, I would like to provide my resume to be considered for this position.

My career goal is to become an Architectural Engineer and I know that filling this position, as an assistant will help me accomplish that goal. I have the training and skills needed to assist the senior architect in all areas and I hope that you will seriously consider me as a worthy candidate.

I can perform surveys, read blueprints and assist in creating designs for different projects. I have excellent written skills that make it easy for me to take notes and record important information. I can assist with developing plans for construction, preparing layouts and gathering any information needed by the Architect for each job.

I have outstanding verbal skills that make it easy to communicate, which eliminates misunderstandings that could prove to be very costly for the company. This also gives me an advantage when talking to clients because I can help to make them feel comfortable and confident that the job will be done right. I can also assist to make sure all paperwork is organized and that everything complies with the guidelines and standards set forth.

I have a strong desire to become one of the best architects in the business and I believe that working for your company will help me accomplish my goals. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and plan to continue my education in this field.

You can reach me by calling (012)-345-6789 and I hope to hear from you soon.


Annie Brown

Annie Brown

Resume Attached as MS Word Document