Architectural Job Captain Cover Letter

Here is the Architectural Job Captain Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Turner,

I know that my experience as an Architectural Job Captain more than qualifies me for the esteemed position at your well reputed architectural firm. It is with much honor today that I submit my resume for your consideration.

I graduated in 1994 from Hartwick College with a degree in Architecture; and have worked the past five years in the industry that I love. I began my career as an Architectural Assistant at The Bergman Companies and worked the last three years in this capacity. I was then promoted to office Architectural Supervisor and spent the next four years fulfilling all needs of architectural requirements for various commercial and private clients. At present, I am employed as the Architectural Job Captain at CADD Squad, and have been responsible for these employees and related tasks.

You will find more information in my resume. Please give me a call at your convenience at (012)-345-6789 to schedule an interview. Thanks for your time and consideration.


Your Signature

Shawna Deberry

Enclosure: Resume