Art Professor Cover Letter

Here is the Art Professor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Luz Gunn,

I am applying for the Art Professor position at The College of Saint Rose and I am confident that I meet all of the requirements of your school.

I have a master of fine arts degree and a PhD in art history. I have years of experience teaching art to students of all ages and I would appreciate an opportunity to utilize my skills to their fullest by teaching at your university. My experience includes doing research and creating lessons that meet the school’s curriculum and guidelines.

I have the ability to adapt my lessons to match the learning styles of my students. I also have the skills to review and make recommendations for the best teaching materials to use in the classroom. I have the skills to monitor the student’s progress and to keep accurate records. I also have the ability to provide feedback and constructive criticism in a positive and motivational way that can help students improve their skills.

I have extensive knowledge of AutoCAD software, digital print media and advanced art techniques along with the skills to teach these to the students in a way they can comprehend. I have the ability to provide an open line of communication with students by answering questions after class and through email after hours.

I can inspire the students to work hard to accomplish their goals and offer them the guidance they need to succeed. I have included a portfolio with my resume so you can see samples of my work, along with several references from schools I have worked for in the past.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


Your Signature

Dan Mendenhall

Enclosure: Resume