Artist in Residence Cover Letter

Here is the Artist in Residence Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Markowitz,

I recently found your advertisement for an artist in residence position you are looking to fill. I hope you’ll find I am an ideal candidate.

I attended the Kansas City Art Institute, where I learned the essential art traditions and methods while still maintaining creative exploration. My work there has been featured in several local galleries, receiving great reviews. In the years since I’ve graduated, I’ve sold several paintings to private collections. Currently, I’m working on several commissioned paintings.

As an artist, I have worked with many mediums, but with a focus on oil painting in an impressionist style. I continue to refine my technique and find new ways to capture the beauty around us. I believe that your program would be a great opportunity to find new inspiration in a different environment than I’ve experienced in the past.

Painting isn’t just an occupation to me, it’s a passion. I enjoy bringing life to the canvas with vibrant colors, and finding new ways to make people see things. I aim to show new facets of beauty in every day images. Being able to share my process with others through this position will be a highlight of my career, as I would hope that the art I leave with you will be a highlight of your collection.

I look forward to hearing from you to further discuss the skills and talent I can bring to your program. Please look through my enclosed samples at your leisure, and contact me with any further questions you may have.


Your Signature

Earl Otoole

Enclosure: Resume