Asset Management Cover Letter

Here is the Asset Management Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Tiffany Durbin,

I am searching for a position where I can put my knowledge and training of the Asset Management industry to good use.

After earning my bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, I moved into a research analysts position performing market research and analyzing the collected data. My educational background includes courses in statistics, accounting and finances and I have acquired excellent communication skills along with the ability to create and present detailed reports highlighting my findings to be used in the decision making process.

I have the ability to provide clients with good, sound advice that will help to increase revenue and assets. My experience includes monitoring and evaluating the current market trend, recommending stocks and bonds and creating portfolio mixes that best suits the client’s financial situation.

I possess excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills, along with the ability to make good decisions quickly. My skills also include having the ability to stay organized and to manage multiple accounts efficiently. I have an upbeat attitude and friendly demeanor with the ability to work with a team efficiently but I am also self-motivated with the ability to stay focused when working independently.

I have enclosed my resume with a comprehensive look at my specific skills relevant to this profession along with a detailed look at my work experience. It also includes my portfolio, list of achievements and references that will confirm my abilities, which qualify me for various positions within this industry.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789.



William Forrest

Encl: Resume