Asset Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Asset Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Harless,

I am applying for the Asset Manager position being offered by this company. I feel that my managerial skills coupled with my education would make me a perfect candidate for Charter Oak Communities.

A summary of my background shows how I can be beneficial to Charter Oak Communities, I bring:

After 7 years with my prior employer, I built a portfolio base that was impressive even to the upper levels of the industry.

I have a great working knowledge of industrial, residential and commercial real estate as well as construction and leasing.

Am able to travel where needed in order to check in with assets and to make sure projects are running smoothly.

Working in a team setting is pivotal with any organization. I feel that I can bring this type of teamwork ethic as well as my business oriented and goal driven attitude to Charter Oak Communities.

I would be happy to have a sit down discussion in order to expend on my credentials as well as show examples of my past portfolios including those that I would bring to the company with me. Feel free to contact me by phone at (012)-345-6789 or I can be emailed at the following address []



Jolene Willis

Encl: Resume