Assistant Basketball Coach Cover Letter

Here is the Assistant Basketball Coach Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Melissa Helms,

I am applying for the position of the Assistant Basketball Coach with Bullitt County Public Schools and I hope that you consider me for the job.

Throughout high school and college, I played basketball and I thoroughly enjoy the game. I have experience working as an assistant coach for the middle school while in college, so I am familiar with many of the duties associated with this position. Now that I am out of college and earned my bachelor’s degree, I would like to put my skills and expertise to work for your school by taking on the responsibilities of the assistant coach.

I have the ability to teach classes and to provide assistance for the head coach in every area. I can help manage the team, keep up with game and practice schedules, make sure uniforms are clean and I can help keep track of all equipment.

I possess excellent verbal and writing skills with the ability to explain plays and strategies to the players during practice. I have the experience to know which plays will be the most effective based on the opponents and I have the ability to think fast and change strategies when needed.

I can be present for all games and fill in for the coach during the event of an emergency. I have the flexibility to stay after practice until all players are picked up to help ensure the safety of the team. I am loyal, enthusiastic and I maintain a high level of integrity at all times.

You can contact me at (012)-345-6789 for an interview.


Mary Batey

Mary Batey

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