Assistant Branch Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Assistant Branch Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Aguilar,

This letter is in reply to the Assistant Branch Manager listing that was recently posted. I have the confidence that I can fulfill these duties in the best interest of the company and would offer the management capabilities that Capital One is looking for.

The following summary is the qualities and skills that I would bring to Capital One:

After working with my previous employer for 9 years, I gained the experience and working knowledge of the management side of the industry.

I have the ability to keep on track of all new strategies that need to be implemented and can train those who are working in the branch so they are abreast of these new procedures as well.

Have met all sales goals that were given to myself and my team in my previous employer and would offer this same consistency to any company I transfer to.

In a branch setting, a team effort is highly desirable and I have always attacked any challenge with a team in a positive and motivating manner. This is why I feel I would be a perfect fit and that I can build a long lasting relationship with my team and Capital One.

I am looking forward to a meeting where I can further expand on my experience and training which can be an asset to Capital One. Please contact me at (012)-345-6789 or email me at [] in order to set up a time to meet.


Your Signature

Ricky Minor

Enclosure: Resume