Assistant City Attorney Cover Letter

Here is the Assistant City Attorney Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Alexander,

As regards the advertised position for an Assistant City Attorney I found on, I would like to offer my applications in the form of the enclosed resume. Thank you for your attention.

Briefly, I’ve practiced general law for the past four years in Atlanta, GA after graduation with honors from Harvard Law School in 1996. Recently, I have had opportunity to move to Athens, GA and am looking to take up the same role for your court. I am very knowledgeable about general law, have excellent recommendations from professors and internship judges, and am highly organized.

I know if you would give me an opportunity to meet in person, and discuss the position further, you would see that I am the best person for this position. I am available to meet you at your convenience. Please give me a call at (012)-345-6789. Thanks so much for your time.



Joseph Polk

Encl: Resume