Assistant Nurse Cover Letter

Here is the Assistant Nurse Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Hortencia Drake,

I am interested in the position you posted in The News World for an assistant nurse in your long term care facility. I am well qualified, and I feel this would be a great fit for my experience.

I currently have my CNA license, and I am halfway through classes to become a registered nurse. I have a flexible course schedule, however, so I can assure you that my schooling will not interfere with my work hours. I am also happily willing to work nights and weekends if needed. I have been working as an assistant nurse for the past 4 years in a long-term care facility.

During my time in this position, I have seen it all. I’m not afraid of cleaning up messes, and I’m physically fit enough to move patients when necessary. I even know a few tricks for lifting some of the heavier patients that otherwise could not be moved. I enjoy making patients smile, but I’m not afraid to show them tough love when necessary. I’m well versed in taking vitals and keeping charts up to date with clear notes, and I know when to get a nurse or doctor to take another look at a patient.

It is important to me that all patients receive the best of care, and it is an honor to be part of the chain that provides that care. I believe you’ll find that I am the ideal candidate for this position. I will contact you again in a few days to discuss setting up an interview at your convenience and answer any further questions you may have regarding my qualifications.


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Kelly Arthur

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