Assistant Professor of Law Cover Letter

Here is the Assistant Professor of Law Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Gale,

I am writing to apply for the Assistant Professor of Law position at your college, Kansas Newman College. I found this esteemed position advertised on, and knew I had found my match. You will see my enclosed resume attached.

For the past 16 years, I have taught beginning concepts in general Law at Harris-Stowe State College to thousands of students. I have a winning track record of bringing a solid foundation of Law knowledge to my students, as well as introducing the criminal justice system, precedents, key cases, and terminology. I also offer a Masters Degree in Law Teaching, and a philosophy of learning that is infinite and especially in law, useful for all residents of the country. I wish to bring my knowledge, my experience and success in teaching, and my curriculum to your fine school.

I have much to discuss with you about my background. If you would give me a call, this would be a perfect opportunity to set up a meeting to go over these details. My phone number is (012)-345-6789.



Joyce Guy

Encl: Resume