Assistant Sales Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Assistant Sales Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Strother,

I’m writing today in eager response to your Assistant Sales Manager position I found on I know I am a great fit for this exciting position, and have included my resume at your request.

I have over five years in a supervising role as Assistant Sales Manager at Wilsons Leather. This position requires constant attention to competing companies, knowledge of the market, and comprehensive operational efficiency. It also requires that I know how to supervise and train employees by my own outstanding sales record example, as well as keeping them aware of sales techniques and methods that work. I am seeking to bring this experience and this knowledge of your customer market to your Assistant Sales Manager position. I know I would make a great choice.

I would welcome the opportunity to interview for this position, and thank you for yurt time and attention today. Please give me a call at the following number: (012)-345-6789 to schedule a time.



Elfreda Howard

Encl: Resume