Assistant Superintendent Cover Letter

Here is the Assistant Superintendent Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Erin Pickle,

I am writing to formerly apply for the Assistant Superintendent position with Yorkville Community School District.

I have eight years of experience as principal of Duxbury Public Schools. During this time, the school has many academic success stories that have paved the way to a bright future. I would like to further my career by moving into the superintendent position. I have the training and experience needed to take on this role and I know that I have the ability to be a great asset to the school system.

I have a degree in accounting and the ability to assist in creating the district budget. I can also help to determine where and how to spend the money to ensure it is going where needed the most. I have the ability to act as liaison between Superintendent, principals and the school board.

I possess excellent verbal and written communications skills and I have the ability to represent the school in a professional manner. I have an excellent relationship with staff, students and parents and a sincere desire to do all I can to work with and support the school system.

I have a strong knowledge of the curriculum and the ability to develop and introduce programs to enhance the development of the students. I can monitor the success of the programs and make changes when needed to improve the learning experience. I can analyze data, keep up with latest technologies and make recommendations to enhance learning.

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing my credentials in more detail. My contact number is (012)-345-6789.


Kathryn Mcbride

Kathryn Mcbride

Resume Attached as MS Word Document