Astronaut Cover Letter

Here is the Astronaut Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Bobbi Hair,

I am sending in my resume and all pertinent information that is relevant to apply for an Astronaut position with QinetiQ North America.

Every since I was a small child I always wanted to be an Astronaut and I started preparing for it when I was very young by taking an interest in science. In college, I majored in science and math and eventually acquired my master’s degree. I have learned as much about the space program as possible and everything else that I could to help prepare me for the opportunity to become an Astronaut.

I have the type of personality that can get along with anyone and I enjoy working as a team. I believe you can accomplish more when you can consult with team members. However, I am fully capable of working on my own when needed.

I am in excellent health and ready for the vigorous training involved if selected for this position. I am also aware of the commitment I will be making to NASA if chosen and that it entails a lot of long hours and hard work.

I speak three languages fluently and currently work as a computer technician. My resume contains the names of references who will attest to my credibility and character. I am sure I have what it takes to be an Astronaut and I hope to have the chance to prove my abilities by being accepted for the training program.

I look forward to meeting with you in the near future and you can reach me by calling (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Betty Oliver

Enclosure: Resume