Astronomer Cover Letter

Here is the Astronomer Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Hemphill,

I write today in response to your ad seeking a qualified Astronomer for your lab, and have included my resume for your immediate attention, as requested.

As you will find in my enclosed resume, I have the extensive knowledge and experience that you seek in an Astronomer for your well known laboratory. I have a Doctorate in Astronomy Concepts, and have spent the last 15 years-researching and implementing new innovation and studies in astronomical concepts. I have worked at both California Institute of Technology and Appalachian State University, and completed my internship at Space Telescope Science Institute. I am a hard worker, love my field, and am fully competent in all concepts, terminology, equipment, and tools as required by my role.

Please take a closer look at my resume, and then give me a call at (012)-345-6789 as soon as possible. Thanks so much in advance for your time and consideration.



Albert Ferrell

Encl: Resume