Audiovisual Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Audiovisual Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Marquez,

I am interested in your open position of Audiovisual Manager at The Whitlock Group that I found posted on last week. I am well qualified, and have enclosed my resume for your attention.

Apart from having an advanced degree in Audiovisual Arts from Eastern Nazarene College, I also have worked in the industry for over six years now. I began as an Audiovisual Technician and worked in this role optimizing materials and equipment for projection, and then moved onto my present role as Audiovisual Manager for The Whitlock Group. I have shown success in managing a team of over six individuals for optimized audio and visual products for Vision Group Global Consulting. I have great supervisory skills, communication abilities, and a very technical and creative mind.

I would like to meet to bring over a portfolio, if this is possible. Could you please call me at (012)-345-6789 as soon as possible to arrange for this? Thanks.



Timothy Mccurley

Encl: Resume