Audit Clerk Cover Letter

Here is the Audit Clerk Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Blakeslee,

Today, I write in response to your advertised position of Audit Clerk for your company. I found this position advertised on, and would like to apply today with my attached resume.

I have a degree in Accounting from Knoxville College, and have worked these last two years as an Auditing Clerk at ABM Industries, Inc. Though happy with my present position, I am now moving to your area, and after careful research, have decided to apply to your firm-as it offers the highest level of success and client following that I would like to learn and grow with. I assure you that I have the knowledge of auditing function and terminology, strong work ethic, and great communications skills that you call for.

Please arrange for a time for us to meet in the next week or so. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for considering this application.


Raul Oakes

Raul Oakes

Resume Attached as MS Word Document