Auto Parts Cover Letter

Here is the Auto Parts Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Julie Sparks,

I am a knowledgeable individual seeking any position in the Auto Parts industry that requires identifying the different automobile parts.

Having a mechanic for a father played a major role in my interest concerning auto parts because I used to help him out around the garage as a child. During this time, I learned a lot about engines, transmissions and basic auto maintenance such as changing oil, spark plugs and wires on a variety of vehicles. I also gained extensive knowledge about auto parts, their functions and the differences between parts designed for different model vehicles.

To enhance my knowledge I took courses in auto mechanics at O’Reilly Auto Parts. I am interested in finding a position in automotive sales or working with a dealership where I can use this knowledge to help others locate the parts they need when making repairs.

My pleasant and friendly personality along with the ability to provide excellent customer service and having the knowledge to answer questions and offer advice when appropriate, help qualify me for many different automotive positions. My strong communication skills make it possible to receive and convey information efficiently, which is very important to customers.

I am self-motivated, dependable and have the ability to manage my time wisely. The attached resume contains a complete list of my skills relevant to this industry and I am looking forward to getting my career underway.

If your company is in need of someone with my skills please call (012)-345-6789 to set up an interview where we can discuss the details.


Margaret Galvin

Margaret Galvin

Resume Attached as MS Word Document