Automotive Technician Cover Letter

Here is the Automotive Technician Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Martin,

My time working as a great Automotive Technician, as well as my love for all things automotive make me an excellent choice for your open position at Amedisys Auto, Inc. Please find my resume enclosed.

Briefly, I have worked in automotive work for over ten years, have professional training from a two year trade school, and am very knowledgeable about all sorts of automotives. This said, I could bring not just hands on knowledge of how to best service your cars and trucks; but also an enthusiasm in doing so-treating each vehicle as its own specific project. I am also great working with people-both employees and supervisors as well as customers needing advice and knowledge about their vehicles. This is what has made me an exemplary employee at all of the auto service shops that I worked for, and I look to bring this package to your shop for the same success.

Please contact me at (012)-345-6789 and [] for a time that I could stop by your shop and learn more about your position and operations. Until then, thanks for your time and consideration.


Your Signature

Brad Reyes

Enclosure: Resume