Battalion Chief Cover Letter

Here is the Battalion Chief Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Cross,

In regards to the Battalion Chief position opening up with Prince William County Dept. of Fire & Rescue due to the current chief retiring, I am respectively applying for this position.

Having worked in the station for the last ten years, I feel that I am the best qualified to take on the leadership role of Battalion Chief and I believe that I have the full support of the rest of the squad. I have worked my way up by first making lieutenant and then I was promoted to captain. I already have some experience fulfilling these duties, so I know what the job entails.

I have excellent leadership skills and I have earned the respect and trust of everyone in the fire station. I know how to react during emergencies and I have the ability to make the right choices even during difficult and stressful situations.

In addition to my training and experience in the field and leading a team, I also have the ability to perform all of the management duties this position involves. These include evaluating the team along with being accountable for the actions of my squad.

I also have the ability and training needed to conduct safety-training exercises, evaluate existing programs, devise and implement new programs when needed and to perform any other administrative tasks this position requires. I hope that you will consider my application and all of my training and experience when you choose the person to fill this position.

I hope to meet with you soon about this opportunity to further my career. Please call (012)-345-6789.


Julie Whitley

Julie Whitley

Resume Attached as MS Word Document