Behavior Analyst Cover Letter

Here is the Behavior Analyst Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Garris,

I write this letter in response to your posting for a qualified Behavior Analyst for your practice, Devereux. I would make an excellent match for this role, and ask that you please consider my attached resume for this position.

I have much to offer this position at your clinic, to include a M.B.A. in Behavior Analysis, and over six years as a licensed Behavior Analyst at Butterfly Effects LLC. In the last six years, I have worked to offer Behavioral Science Analysis with the best of educational knowledge, hands on analytical experience, and first hand compassionate human interaction. I am well acquainted with all ages, sexes, and conditions that affect the human psyche, and consider myself a wonderful resource for not only diagnosing and treating problems that affect patients; but also, that of just listening in a valuable third party manner. I am well trained, compassionate, and love what I do.

You could not ask for more in a candidate for this role. Please give me a call at (012)-345-6789 to schedule an interview. Thanks for your time.


Your Signature

Michael Carey

Enclosure: Resume