Behavior Therapist Cover Letter

Here is the Behavior Therapist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Mears,

I am a licensed behavioral therapist who is seeking a position with your company. I recently came across a listing for a Behavior Therapist that your company submitted and I feel that with my background and track record, I would be a benefit to Barnes Jewish Hospital.

The following is a summary of my qualifications and skills that I would offer, I have:

In excess of 8 years experience working in this specialty and have earned the proper qualifications and degrees to fulfill this position effectively.

I am available to work any shift as it is common to have to be in attendance when there are issues which do not always arise during a normal working day.

Can work with families in order to help them to understand what their loved one is going through and to make them a positive part of the therapy.

It takes a team to work with each and every patient who needs behavioral therapy. For this reason, I feel that my skills and abilities along with my education would be an asset to Barnes Jewish Hospital.

I am looking forward to a meeting where we can discuss further my history and background in order to show in depth my therapeutic skills. Feel free to contact me at (012)-345-6789 or send an email to []


Your Signature

Lee Klein

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