Behavioral Health Director Cover Letter

Here is the Behavioral Health Director Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Walz,

I understand from your recent listing on, that you are in the market for a qualified Behavioral Health Director for Providence Hospital. I would make an excellent choice for this opportunity, and thank you for your consideration of my application today. I have also attached my résumé at your request.

To be brief, I have a Masters Degree in Behavioral Psychology, over 10 years in a behavioral residential setting, and four years as a Behavioral Health Director. Presently, I am the Behavioral health Director for Lakeside Behavioral Health System, and have much experience and skill to offer your establishment. I am fully licensed, and am competent in counseling a variety of outpatient and residential patients in this manner; and am the compassionate and experienced professional you request in your advertisement.

Would it be possible for you to call me for an interview and tour? I am available at (012)-345-6789 as soon as possible.



Irene Robertson

Encl: Resume