Biology Tutor Cover Letter

Here is the Biology Tutor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Hart,

I saw your posting for a Biology Tutor with HCPS – Henrico High School and I would like to officially apply for this position.

I am currently working as a biology teacher with Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School where I have been employed for over eight years. The school will provide you with a reference to confirm my employment and expertise as a biology teacher.

I am interested in becoming a tutor because I can see the potential that many students have and I would like to help them meet this potential to become a professional in this field. The students of today are the ones that will discover major breakthroughs in the future. I want to help them get started on their career paths and provide them with the support they need to pursue this profession.

I have the experience and training needed to create lessons to help students learn and increase their knowledge in biology. I can also set up and help students conduct private experiments to help them learn and understand this subject better.

I know how to reach students that are having trouble understanding the concepts of biology. I have the experience needed to find interesting ways to teach that will keep students engaged and wanting to learn more. Sometimes, all students need is a little extra attention and things begin to click.

I love seeing the expression on the face of students when something they have been struggling with, all of a sudden becomes clear. I have the patience and desire to help students reach this point and that combined with my experience is why I know that I am the right person for this tutoring position.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange a meeting where I can discuss by credentials in more details and why I would be perfect for this job.


Your Signature

Mildred Loyd

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