Biomedical Science Cover Letter

Here is the Biomedical Science Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Thersa Beckett,

I am searching for a position within the Biomedical Science industry where I can utilize my training and experience to its fullest potential.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University along with a strong understanding of chemistry, biology, math and the medical terminology used in this profession. I also completed an internship to gain valuable insight to working in the field and took extra courses that included epidemiology and research methods. As an intern, I gained experience working in a lab under the direct supervision of qualified professionals who were excellent teachers.

I have the skills to plan and conduct experiments and to evaluate and document the procedures and results in detailed reports. My abilities also include complying with all health and safety procedures and regulations associated with handling specimens and other materials used in a laboratory. I have the ability manage projects efficiently and to work individually or as part of a team without difficulty.

Other skills relevant to this position include excellent communication, problem solving and decision-making abilities along with the ability to think logically and to stay organized. I have the ability to conduct research, analysis data and to evaluate and interpret the process and results of the tests and experiments conducted.

I have a desire to seek a position as a public health official after completing my education but my current knowledge and experience qualifies me to hold other positions in this industry while continuing my education.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange a meeting where we can discuss my qualifications in more detail, if you have a position suited for someone with my qualifications.


Your Signature

Hoyt Hatfield

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