Brand Ambassador Cover Letter

Here is the Brand Ambassador Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Bell,

I would like to submit this package to your company that recently posted an opening for a Brand Ambassador. I know that I would be a good spokesperson as I have a great personality, I am considered attractive and I can enthusiastically promote any product.

The following will sum up my capabilities and history in this industry:

I have been promoting products as an ambassador for over 6 years and know that my attitude and personality can allow people to try something that may be new to them.

Not only can I demonstrate the products effectively, but I also have the skills to sign them up if need be and am fully computer literate for those promotions that require the internet to fulfill.

I always dress appropriately for any promotional visit whether it is business professional or casual attire, it is always neat, clean and well put together.

It is always important to make sure that any potential customer feels that they can trust the person who is representing a new product. I feel that I would bring this level to trust because of my upbeat personality and dedication to any product I am promoting and I would be an asset to Advantage Sales & Marketing.

I can be reached at any time by calling (012)-345-6789 or by emailing [] I would like to arrange a time to meet to further discuss my potential role in the company.



Gary Harrison

Encl: Resume